Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to keep electricity on it all the time?

Yes, electricity is needed at all times to keep the bouncy castle inflated. Extension cables will be provided.

Can adults use the castles?

There are castles suitable for adults but adults must not use castles hired for children. Adults must not use the bouncy castles at the same time as children.

Can I pick up the castle myself?

No, Jumping Jimmys must set-up the castle to ensure its safety and the safety of the people using it.

What happens if we damage the castle?

If the castle is damaged you should contact Jumping Jimmys immediately on: 027 366 2204. Fees maybe charged for repair.

How long can I hire it for?

Hires are approximately 6 hours, the castle will be delivered and set-up some time in the morning before 10 O' clock and collected some time after 4 O'clock. Additional hire time can be booked, this must be done on the phone or in person. Additional hire time can be discounted.

How can I pay for the hire?

Jumping Jimmys recommends that the payment is made as an online payment, the details of payment will be emailed once the booking has been made. Until payment is received and Jumping Jimmys has been it touch the booking is not confirmed.

How do I go about hiring a castle?

It is recommended that the hire is made online, this is the easiest way to find when the castles are available.

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