Terms & Conditions

1.1. Conditions Of Hire

1.1.1. The terms and conditions below apply to all persons hiring the equipment. Jumping Jimmys reserves the right to change these conditions at any time after reasonable notice.

1.1.2. The hirer acknowledges that any liability of Jumping Jimmys arising out of this contract or in tort as a result of this contract is limited to a total amount equal to the hire fee. This limitation applies to all liabilities whether direct or indirect.

1.1.3. Jumping Jimmys reserve the right to take photographs of the equipment set-up by Jumping Jimmys or otherwise on collection or delivery.

1.1.3.The hirer acknowledges that the availability of equipment is subject to change without notice and that Jumping Jimmys cannot be held responsible for errors on the internet or other publications.

1.1.4. The hirer will indemnify Jumping Jimmys against any liability, losses, damage or expenses incurred or suffered by Jumping Jimmys as a result of any claim made by a third person against Jumping Jimmys in respect of any loss or liability arising from the contract with the hirer or arising out of the use of the hired equipment during hire period.

1.1.5. The hirer acknowledges that Jumping Jimmys is not liable for any possible consequences which arise as a result of the hirer failing to comply with the listed operating procedures. Failure of the hirer to comply with the operatating porceedurers could lead to injury and or damage to the equipment and/or other property for which the hirer will be held solely responsible.

2.1. Operating Procedures

2.1.1. Do not take shoes, jewellery, glasses, toys or any sharp objects onto the inflatable equipment. (Failure to comply to this could cause damage to the equipment or injury to the people using the equipment.)

2.1.2. Food, drinking, and chewing gum are prohibited while using the equipment. (Failure to comply to this could result in choking.)

2.1.3. Face paint, silly string, and party poppers should not be allowed to come into contact with the equipment. (This will cause irremovable staining to the equipment and the hirer will be charged for damages.)

2.1.4. No smoking or barbecues in the immediate vicinity of the equipment.

2.1.5. No climbing the walls or roof of inflatable equipment.

2.1.6. No animals permitted on the inflatable equipment.

2.1.7. Ensure that a responsible adult of eighteen years or older is supervising the use of the equipment at all times.

2.1.8. Do not overcrowd the inflatable equipment. Do not allow children of significantly different sizes and ages use the equipment simultaneously.

2.1.9. Under no circumstances should adults use equipment hired for children.

2.1.10. Behaviour potentially leading to injury should not be allowed and must be stopped by the person supervising the equipment.

2.1.11. The front step of the inflatable equipment is for entering and exiting only, it should not be used for bouncing.

2.1.12. No person should use the equipment during inflation and deflation.

2.1.13. At all times a 1m clear area should be maintined around the base of the castle.

2.1.14. If the internal area of the inflatable equipment becomes excessively wet the equipment should not be used.

2.1.15. The equipment must be kept in the same condition as when delivered and set-up by Jumping Jimmys.

2.1.16. The castle should not be moved from the location of set-up by Jumping Jimmys. (Damage can result from moving the castle without knowledge of correct moving procedures.)

2.1.17. The hirer shall notify Jumping Jimmys immediately if the hired equipment is lost, stolen or damaged and should cooperate with Jumping Jimmys to mitigate any loss or damage.

2.1.18. The hirer shall advise Jumping Jimmys of the intended location and nature of use at the time of hiring the equipment.

2.1.19. The hirer warrants that all persons who use the equipment shall do so in the manner for which it was designed to be used and follow the directions given in Jumping Jimmy Operating Procedures and shall comply with all obligations in the relations to use and control of the equipment and comply with the relevant Health and Safety Regulations.

2.1.20. The hirer shall satisfy themselves that the equipment is suitable for the hirers intended use.

2.1.21. In the event of the wind speed exceeding twenty miles per hour the users should exit the castle and the castle should be deflated to ensure no harm comes to the castle or users.

2.1.22. In the event of heavy rain the users should not use the castle but the castle must be kept inflated to avoid internal flooding.

2.1.23. If the unit loses power during operation or any circumstances arises which may impede the safe use of the equipment then the adult supervisor should immediately assist any users to safely dismount.

2.2. Charges & Payments

2.2.1. The hirer shall pay the total sum as agreed on, three days before the start of the hire period if the hirer is paying by means of electronic payment.

2.2.2. The hirer shall pay the total sum as agreed on, on the day of hire if the hirer is paying by mean of cash.

2.2.3. The hirer shall pay Jumping Jimmys on demand in any case where Jumping Jimmys deems the castle to be damaged by means stated in, but not limited to clauses under the heading 2.1. Operating Procedures.

2.2.4. A cleaning fee will be charged if the cleanliness of the equipment is not as stated in, but not limited to clauses under the headings 2.1. Operating Procedures and 2.3. Delivery & Removal. Cleaning fees are at the discretion of Jumping Jimmys.

2.2.5. Jumping Jimmys reserves the right to apply payments received in any manner Jumping Jimmys determine.

2.2.6. The hirers obligation to pay charges and any other sums to Jumping Jimmys shall continue despite any situations deeming the equipment unusable, these include but are not limited to: Breakdown, theft, and damage.

2.2.7. The hirer indemnifies Jumping Jimmys against, and shall pay to Jumping Jimmys upon demand, any costs including legal costs, claim, damage, expense or liability suffered or incurred by Jumping Jimmys whether arising directly or indirectly from Jumping Jimmys acting to recover any equipment hired or monies payable by the hirer pursuant to the contract, or otherwise in connection with the exercise or attempted exercise of any of its rights or remedies under the contract.

2.3. Delivery & Removal

2.3.1. The hirer grants Jumping Jimmys an irrevocable right and authority to enter, and for Jumping Jimmys to bring Jumping Jimmys vehicles at any time onto the place where the equipment is located or is to be used, in order to deliver or remove the equipment either on the expiry of the hire period or on the termination of the hire.

2.3.2. The equipment should be in a clean and tidy condition at the agreed on time of collection. It is as the discretion of Jumping Jimmys what constitutes an acceptable level of cleanliness.

2.3.3. It is at the discretion of Jumping Jimmys staff whether conditions are suitable for set-up of the hired equipment.

2.4. Rights To Terminate

2.4.1. Jumping Jimmys reserves the right to terminate the hire at any time by notice with immediate effect.

2.4.2. Jumping Jimmys reserves the right to terminate the agreed hire if the hirer does not meat the payment requirements stated in, but not limited to clauses under the heading 2.2. Charges & Payments.

2.4.3. Termination of this contract by Jumping Jimmys is without any prejudice to any rights that Jumping Jimmys may have inferred under this contract.

2.4.4. The parties acknowledge that the hirer shall not be entitled to cancel or otherwise terminate the contract within three days of the start of hire period.